In the beginning....The Sandwich Spot INC. was formed in June of 2006. The Company holds a federally registered Trademark for The Sandwich Spot®. The business was a start up company funded by the founder Thomas M. Heally. With over 32 years in the food industry Mr. Heally has used his extensive background to develop an above average profitable Fast-Casual business model that specializes in quality fresh products, fresh baked breads, and superior customer service. By the end of 2015, The Sandwich Spot® had helped 30 Owner-Operators to start their own The Sandwich Spot®.


There has been an incredible growing interest from many people both in California as well as other states to own their own The Sandwich Spot® due to growth of the Fast-Casual segment of the restaurant industry and desire for healthy fresh food prepared with high quality ingredients. This is a highly profitable and quickly growing part of the multi-billion dollar food industry.


The Sandwich Spot® licensing opportunity was created in response to this demand, and to provide a proven business model. A restaurant owner or anyone who desires to open a café or a fine eatery can do so by following our business model to prevent costly start-up mistakes, as well as potentially makes a six figure income.

Tom started in the Deli business at the age of 15. He started working for Safeway Inc. in 1984 working in numerous delis in the company until becoming a store manager in 1990. He ran one of the highest grossing stores in the San Francisco Area for the next 7 years. With his sales consistently over $3 million dollars a year, Tom fine-tuned his management skills while his store ranked in the top % of customer service scores for the area. Understanding the complex systems of food costs, labor costs, and overhead costs have given Tom an accurate picture and a vision of what an owner truly needs to focus on to make their businesses most profitable.


In 1997 Tom left Safeway, Inc. to pursue a business opportunity with a childhood friend, starting a sandwich shop in San Mateo, California. With Tom's extensive background in the business and his niche in the customer service area, the shop quickly became the go-to place on the Peninsula. In 1999 Tom took over the shop and by getting involved in and giving back to the community, the shop grew. He operated the store until 2004. Tom then helped develop other shops in the greater Bay Area.


His knowledge of the business helped launch the company from 1 location to 8 locations from 2004 to 2006 - a tremendous growth in just seven years. After franchising, Tom decided to leave and move back to the original structure of the company based on Owner-Operators who could give back to communities without adhering to strict franchising guidelines. Thus, The Sandwich Spot® was started.


The Sandwich Spot® is a successful "Turn-Key" business model and an opportunity with a very bright future for the person who sees this vision and wants to create a good solid financial base for themselves and their families …so get on board and let's grow together!

We would like to license our "System" to own and operate your independent store, and their 24 plus favorite sandwiched we've created plus our one-of-a-kind selection of sauces. We will basically build you a "turn key" custom and Family Owned business you can drive away with... and it comes with the Financial Freedom and exploding growth that are yours for the taking from the ground floor to infinity... and beyond!!!

The Beginning

Tom Heally - Founder

Our Mission

The Sandwich Spot® is a Fast-Casual restaurant based out of Elk Grove, California. Launched in 2007 The Sandwich Spot® has grown to 30 locations 12 in the Bay Area, 14 in the greater Sacramento area as well as locations in Palm Springs, Simi Valley, Encinitas and Las Vegas. The Sandwich Spot® specializes in freshly made specialty sandwiches made containing only the finest quality ingredients and freshly baked breads. We are known for our superior customer service as well as our neighborhood friendly feel. We are successful because our commitment to our product and service is second to none. Owners of The Sandwich Spot® are Independent Owner-Operators and have total ownership of their own shops with the ability to bring in new items at their discretion. There are NO ongoing royalties or fees enabling profits to come back to the Owners much faster than with franchised chain restaurants.


Owners are free to theme their shop according to their likes and add in elements of the community they are located in. As part of The Sandwich Spot's proprietary information provided to Owners, they receive a base menu with the ability to expand it in any way they like. They received 21 days initial training as well. Mr. Heally advises Owners about P.R., and the type of community involvement that makes The Sandwich Spot® a highly successful shop and attracts more loyal customers.


The company has had tremendous growth in just 8 years through some of the toughest financial times we've seen in decades because it has made small business ownership more affordable than the other franchised chains that are available. The Company's operational systems are set in place to maximize the profitability of the products and give the customer great value to their purchases. We recommend the use of only the best quality meats and cheeses and bread is baked fresh daily in the shops.


The Sandwich Spot® offers its owners a "Turn-Key" successful business model to follow with the feel of a "Mom and Pop" type store and a potential for higher than industry average profits.


Our successful The Sandwich Spot® business model puts the Owners face behind the shop and shows that by getting behind the community in their shops, Owners can build long term relationships with their customers.


Additionally, the Company's funding structure is far below the restaurant industry standards, with no royalties due after a shop is open. With the growth and success of the company it is clear to see that The Sandwich Spot® is a great business for anyone who wants control over their financial future in an industry that is GROWING! This is a great opportunity for you to catch the Fast-Casual wave of customers to create a secure life for you and your family! Join the growing The Sandwich Spot® family today!!!!

Why the

Sandwich Spot

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